Lost. The unknown adventure


What does it mean to get lost…

We’re so stuck in our daily routines, we no longer see the wood for the trees. 

And soon after that, we don’t even see the trees any more. 

And soon after that, we don’t even miss them any more…

And that’s the tragedy of our existence: when mankind gets lost in its own  self – importance, instead of in nature. 

If only we can remember that  ‘just living’ is not enough. There was a time when  you once felt free, where you once could wash your spirit clean, where you once were taught patience and all the things you could never learn in books. 

To once again lose yourself in nature, to find your “invincible summer, even in the heart of winter” as Albert Camus once put it, is your duty.

When I allow myself to lose myself,   I can hear nature’s wisdom, within her stillness her secrets are revealed. She’s always imparting wisdom on those who care to listen.

Nature has become my refuge from this mad world.

Up here I see more clearly and listen more delicately,

My senses are no longer numbed  by the world below.

This is my holy ground, a spiritual homecoming. I come as I am – footloose and fancy free. 

I always return with far more than what I came with. I leave my baggage at the feet of mountains, I drown my sorrows in saltwater, and I whisper my biggest fears and my greatest dreams to the wind .  

So take up the call – return to where you’ve always belonged. Get lost, seek out your path, leave behind the familiar and live a life where you can understand what Theodore Roosevelt meant when he once  said:  it wasn’t the critic who counted afterall – it’s the man who is actually in the arena, the man who dared greatly. 

Go out there, and dare greatly. Wake up! Wake up your soul, wake up lost dreams, wake up, get out there, and just get lost. 

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